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Who are we?

A support group of the American Indian Peoples, based in Italy, in the town of Ravenna, constituted as a Cultural Association recognized by the civil authorities on the 29 October 1999; being …

Piergiorgio Bezzi (president), Augusto Giuliani, Andrea Giuliani, Gianpaolo Bonoli and Michael Cawley, together with associated members.

We are strictly that: a non-profit-making association with no political affiliations, which has as its aims the following …

- To help a grater knowledge and awarenes of History, the Culture and Traditions of the Indigenous Americans Peoples, especially in Schools, in order to educate the new generation in its historical responsabilities toward those who have been oppressed and silanced.

- To work towards the restoration of the rights and dignity of these peoples in ways consonant with their own peaceful ways of life.

- To offer moral, spiritual and material support to these peoples in the legal and social struggles they have to engage in for the defense io their own dignity.

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