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Why a support group in Italy ?

In a word: Multiplicity.

We maintain it as a fundamental quality defining mankind - the very fact that throughout history we have developed an extraordinary variety of Religions, Languages, Customs and Beliefs, each of which should be nurtured and jealously defended where its existence may be threatened – this in the spirit so vigorously and beautifully expressed by the American Indian Peoples: that all living things, through their very diversity, are part of the One Creation and, as such, command reciprocal respect.

Contray to the spirit of Social Darwinism that has prevailed and still prevails in this age, we believe that those peoples and cultures that have been dispossessed but not entirely annihilated by the historical process of Colonialism, are urgently in need of support and solidarity from all parts of the globe, especially in the developed countries, in this critical phase of their cultural re-assertion.

Many of these peoples are without a State, without a Voice, lacking the fundamental guarantees of their rights to self-determination, to the free enjoyment of their religion, language and ways of life.

Foremost among them, the varied and indigenous peoples of America whose cause, as a politically non-aligned Association, we have espoused and whom we hold dear to our hearts because it is evident their indomitable will to re-emerge as an authentic culture and to re-affirm their dignity as a people among other peoples.

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